Light in the darkness

Christmas blessings.  honthurst nativity  

There will be a Covenant Service on Sunday 06 January, a renewal of Christian commitment, on the final day of Christmas-tide and the festival of the Coming of the Magi, the strangers who sought Jesus.

Further information about Shannon church to follow.

The picture is by the seventeenth-century Dutch artist Gerrit von Honthurst.  He was famous when young as ‘Gerald of the night’, for his painting of light  -candlelight or, in the case of nativity scenes, light emanating from the Christ-child. He also painted laughter, joy, as in this work. Later, he became a sucessful court painter, but his best works were produced in his twenties.

Our service from Shannon, broadcast on 18 November, can be heard on the internet at RTE Radio 1 Extra.

Pilgrim books, sites and routes

Kilfenora. A guide to the history and spirituality of this ancient site can be obtained in the Burren Visitors Centre at Kilfenora or through this website by using the “Contact Us” box below. A longer book, on Kilfenora and a walking route for modern pilgrims who wish to stop at ancient sites, will be published this autumn.  It will include a section on Scattery Island and the route between them.

 There have been a number of comments to this web-site from people who are wanting to start a prayer-walk in their own area.  A new page with suggestions will follow shortly.

Christians in Unity: autumn events

 Regular events as well as Sunday worship include the following.

Film nights with Christ Church Shannon.  On the second Tuesday of each month. A film of social and spiritual significance, followed by discussion. All welcome. Further details:  087 9888 508.

Church meal and worship.  We have these regularly and the next date will be announced here shortly. All welcome – use the contact box or phone the minister for further information. 

Silent prayer. If you are interested in contemplative prayer contact 087 9888 508.
Are you interested in creative writing?  Writing for delight? For personal fulfillment? Already a published author? A creative writing group meets in Shannon on the third Friday of the  month in the Sean Lemass Library, at 6.30 p.m  We  look at a particular topic or theme, and listen to each other’s work.   All are welcome to bring their own writing, on any subject, in any form.  Next meeting on Friday  19 October. The theme is Writing Dialogue.